Hunting and Fishing


There are 15 hunting grounds within the territory of Belgrade.

Ten hunting grounds come within the competence of the Hunting Association of Serbia:

  • Pančevački Rit (39,390 hectares – the municipalities of Palilula and Zvezdara),
  • Avala (14,849 hectares - the municipality of Voždovac),
  • Topčiderska Reka (Čukarica, Rakovica),
  • Barajevska Reka (20,250 hectares – the municipality of Barajevo),
  • Gavranski Potok (28,674 hectares – the municipality of Grocka),
  • Varovnica (33,844 hectares - the municipality of Mladenovac),
  • Posavina (40,995 hectares - the municipality of Obrenovac),
  • Kosmaj (26,962 hectares - the municipality of Sopot),
  • Donji Srem (45,902 hectares – the municipalities of Zemun and Novi Beograd), and
  • Kolubara (33,646 hectares - the municipality of Lazarevac).

Four hunting grounds come within the competence of JP "Srbijašume":

  • Rit (8,263 hectares - the municipality of Palilula),
  • Lipovička Šuma (1,253 hectares - the municipalities of Barajevo and Čukarica),
  • Trešnja (117 hectares - the municipality of Sopot) and
  • Crni Lug (973 hectares - the municipality of Zemun).

“Dobanovački Zabran” (forest preserve) game-ground, spreading over 1,125 hectares in Zemun municipality, comes within the competence of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro.

Heavy game available for hunting are roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer and mouflon, while small game include rabbit, pheasant, field partridge,  wild duck, quail, turtle-dove, collared dove and wild ring-necked pigeon. Apart from the mentioned game protected in the period of close season, the season of fox, hooded crow and magpie killing off is open throughout the year.

Hunting Association of Serbia, Alekse Nenadovića 19/II, tel. 3442-477,
Kennel Association of Serbia, Alekse Nenadovića 19, tel. 2439-612,
JP "Srbijašume", Kneza Miloša 55, tel. 3611-083,



Fishing opportunities in the closest vicinity of Belgrade a numerous and on a number of locations, both on Sava and Danube rivers and in the waters of Pančevački Rit. One-man fishing is possible against a fishing license to be obtained through recreational fishing clubs.

Association of Recreational Fishermen of Belgrade, Obrenovac, Miloša Obrenovića 112, tel. 064-1163-242
Association of Recreational Fishermen of Serbia, Milovana Milovanovića 4, tel. 361-3379

An outstanding amenity of recreational fishing of Belgrade is the "Ada Safari" lake. From what used to be a marshland overgrown with under-wood and reeds, a small lake 6 hectares of area was created in 1994. Ada Safari is the lake fish-stocked with capital and rare specimen of fish, of severely controlled quality, such as: carp, grass carp, gible carp and a very rare and attractive fish – the tench. The lake location is unique for such kind of sport – it is situated on Ada Ciganlija peninsula, on the Sava River, only 5 km from the in-center of the town.