Chimney-Sweeper Company

Komunalno preduzeće "Dimničar" AD
Deligradska 26
tel: 2646-355, 2646-278
fax: 2646-464

The Company "Dimničar" provides services of chimney and fire-place sweeping. The intervals of chimney sweeping depend on the nature of the facility and its purpose of use. Chimneys in apartment buildings, regardless the ownership, are swept once in every two months from October 15 thru April 30. Chimney sweeping service is charged along with the rent.

The Company also renders sweeping services of thermal power plants, furnace flues and smoke-stacks on industrial facilities as well as cleaning of greasy ventilating systems, ventilators and floors in catering establishments (legal duty for sweeping and cleaning being a 3-month interval).

Chimney sweeping work is performed to secure proper operation of flue facilities and devices, prevent air pollution, decrease consumption of heating fuel or coal and to protect lives and property from fire. Chimney sweeping organization is liable to keep records on services rendered. The tenants and tenants’ council are entitled to make inspection of services rendered and charged.