Secretariat for Transport

27. marta 43-45, Switchboard 3227-241, 3309-000

Info service: 330-9599 (08:30-16:30), fax 2754-636

Nikola Tatović, Secretary, 2754-458
Nenad Matić, Deputy Secretary, 3226-635

The Secretariat for Transport is responsible for the following activities:
- establishing an efficient system of transport safety by increasing the safety level of all traffic participants;
- technical traffic regulation on municipal roads and streets in the neighbourhood by determining traffic regimes thus enabling safer traffic with better flow under regular conditions (directing transit, cycling and pedestrian traffic, speed limiting for all or certain categories of vehicles, determining parking and car stopping space, determinig roads and streets intended for public transport, etc.) as well as under the conditions of temporary occupation (works, events, promotional activities, supplies, etc.);
- traffic management programme elaboration and implementation y light signalization and use of modern technologies (ITS) for the purpose of rasining the level of traffic awarenessand increasing the street network traffic flow;
- establishing and developing a traffic and geographic information system (GIS) and its exchange with other authorities and legal entities;
- implementation and development of the urban mobility system, champagne from the field of traffic; establishing and developing an efficient system of the city logistics;
- providing the conditions for performing utilities activities related to maintaining and using public parking spaces;
- traffic and technical conditions for urban planning;
- traffic solutionsregarding elaboration of urban technical and technical documents;
- public procurements in the field of traffic and other activities in the competency of the Secretariat in accordance with the law, the City Statute and other regulations.

The Secretariat also performs the activities with respect to the following:recinstruction, maintainance, protection, usage of and managing municipal roadsand neighbourhood streets, as well as state roads (except highways), in accordance with the law, constructing facilities and placing means of advertising and advertising on public and other surfaces.

The Secretarit for Transport performs surveillance over the operation of public companies conducting their activities referring to the maintainanceof municipal roads, neighbourhood streets and state roads (except highways), in the City territories including the activity of mainitaining public parking spaces, as well asconstructing facilities and placing means of advertising and advertising on public and other surfaces.