Driver’s Guide


Kneginje Zorke 58, tel. 3331-200, fax 245-1078,

Call Center of AMSS (00-24), tel. 987 (for all network)

987 Breakdown Service renders 24/7 technical assistance on the roads, all kinds of information, and transport/towing of damaged vehicles.

Turing Service of AMSS provides all the required information to the motorized tourists who wish to travel abroad, issues "green cards", admits into membership of AMSS, provides international driving licenses, petrol coupons, carnets for export of motor vehicles from Serbia, insures motor vehicles, and renews the driving licenses.

In Serbia foreign drivers require international driving licenses, automobile registration cards and insurance policies. The insurance policies of the countries that have signed the "Vehicle Insurance Convention" are accepted while the citizens of other countries must buy the insurance policy when entering Serbia.