Novi Beograd

Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 167, tel: 3106-700
Chairman of the Municipality: Bojan Bovan, tel: 3115–858, 3106–780

Automatic message and answering service: 310-68-00
Dispatch service for delivery of documents: 310-67-77

The Municipality of Novi Beograd covers an area of 4,074 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of 236,000.

Its name Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) was mentioned for the first time by the namesake cafe of the owner Petar Kokotović, opened in 1924, in Tošin bunar Street. Some time later, in 1939, the first issue of the weekly newspaper "New Belgrade" appeared in Zemun as well. The construction of New Belgrade was started by the youth work brigades in 1948, and the Municipality itself was formed in 1953.

The Day of the Municipality is April 11, the date of commencement of construction of New Belgrade, and it’s patron day is the Shroud of the Most Holy Virgin, on October 14.