Miška Kranjca 12, tel: 3051-788
Chairman of the Municipality: Miloš Simić, tel: 3051-700

The Municipality of Rakovica covers an area of 3,036 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of 97,752.

Rakovica was mentioned for the first time in the Ottoman 1560 population census as the village of Vlaha. Tradition has it that the place got its name after - crayfish, the inhabitants of the brook that streamed through the settlement. Up to 1952, Rakovica had been a part of various urban regions and, and from 1952 to 1960, it was a separate municipality. Since 1960, it had been within the Municipality of Čukarica, and became an autonomous municipality again in 1974.

The Day of the Municipality is October 14, the patron day of the Shroud of the Most Holy Virgin.