Njegoševa 77, tel: 3081-400
Chairman of the Municipality: Milan A. Nedeljković tel: 3081-442

The Municipality of Vračar covers an area of 292 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of 69,680.

There are several legends about the origin of the name of Vračar. The oldest one dates back to 1521, when this area was named after a gallant man - infidel whose name was Vračar, who had a hut at that place. According to another, the name originates from – “vrapčija” (sparrow) fields, because many of those birds populated the territory of the present-day Vračar. Upon abolishment of the urban regions in 1952, two municipalities were created: Eastern Vračar and Neimar. In 1960, the territory of the present-day municipality was established, which covers the parts of the former municipalities of Eastern Vračar, Neimar, and Terazije.

The patron day of the Municipality of Vračar is Saint Sava, on January 25.