Magistratski trg 1, tel: 2198-323
Chairman of the Municipality: Gavrilo Kovačević, tel: 2610-404, 3161-892

The Municipality of Zemun covers an area of 15,356 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of 152,950.

Its first name was Taurunum. The oldest records of the present-day name of the town date back to the 12th century. It emanated from the Slavic word "zemlin" (earthen) and it is assumed that the name refers to the earthwork of the town. Zemun, once a separate town, has been within the community of Belgrade municipalities since 1945.

The patron day of the Municipality of Zemun is Vozdizenje Časnog Krsta - Krstovdan (which is celebrated September 27). November 5 is celebrated as the Day of the Municipality, the date on which the Serbian army liberated Zemun in the First World War.