Lazarevac, Karađorđeva 42, tel: 8123-191
Chairman of the Municipality: Bojan Stević, tel: 8121-503, 8126-500

The Municipality of Lazarevac covers an area of 38,351 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of around 62,000.

The settlement of Lazarevac emanated from the village of Šopić (nowadays, a suburb of Lazarevac), which was, in 1882, pronounced the township and the seat of the district and, in 1889, the expanding settlement got the name of Lazarevac. The Municipality was formed in 1957, as a municipality within the District of Valjevo, and it has been within the community of Belgrade municipalities since 1971.

The Day of the Municipality is its patron day, which is the St. Vitus’ Day, June 28.