Secretariat for Finance

Trg Nikole Pašića 6, Switchbord: 3229-678

Katarina Čubrić, Acting Secretary, 3229-767
, Deputy Secretary, 3232-541

The Secretariat is responsible for the following activities:
- balancing public revenue and public expenditure from the City budget and the budgets of local City municipalities;
- preparation of resolutions for raising direct public revenue and monitoring of their implementation;
- macroeconomic and fiscal analysis of public revenue for the purposes of financing the City and City municipalities;
- determining the scope of and criteria for financing of the City municipalities;
- monitoring and recording the data on the movement of the City municipalities’revenue;
- planning and preparation of the City budget;
- City Treasury matters, specifically financial planning, cash management, monitoring of budgetary expenditure, budgetary accounting and reporting at the top Treasury level, management of debt and financial assets;
- investment of City funds;
- financial and accounting procedures of direct budget users, specifically participation in preparation of financial plans and annual accounts of budget users, monitoring of monetary documents and instruments of payment with regard to contractual obligations and appropriate spending of funds;
- cash transactions, maintaining accounting records and other documentation per user, reconciliation of liabilities and commitments;
- administration of financial information system;
- matters related to construction, reconstruction, adaptation and repair of buildings financed from the City budget, as well as property rights transactions related to the realisation of these investments, and other matters in accordance with the law, the City Statute and other regulations.

Statutory treasury matters are the responsibility of the Treasury Administration.