Pedagogical Museum

Pedagoški muzej
Uzun-Mirkova 14
tel: 2627-538, 2624-239
fax: 2625-621
Director: Božidar Zejak

It is the only museum of its kind in Serbia and in the Balkans and one of our oldest museological institutions, which endeavors to save the historic values of the Serbian education from oblivion. It was founded in 1896, by the Teachers’ Association of Serbia with the task to "collect and keep the teaching aids and everything else that is related to elementary schools and has some pedagogical and historical values to schools and teachers".

From a onetime model collection of advanced teaching aids and pedagogical literature it has developed, despite complete destructions in both World Wars, into a reputable museological institution. The main activity of the Museum is studying of the history of schooling, education, and pedagogy in Serbia, collection and keeping of objects and documentation, professional and scientific analysis of the collected materials, as well as presentation of the results of research through publications, permanent and occasional exhibitions in the Museum and elsewhere, organizing of lectures, seminars, and other forms of the cultural and educational activities.

The Pedagogical Museum holds over 45,000 items, documents, books, photos, and other materials, which represent an inexhaustible treasure of the data about the development of schooling and education among the Serbs. It is preparing its permanent exhibition "Ten Centuries of Serbian Education" which will, in a clear and popular way, familiarize the visitors with the history of schools with the Serbs from the 9th to the beginning of the 20th century. A part of the permanent exhibition is also a reconstructed model of a classroom from the end of the 19th century.

The Museum also organizes numerous occasional specialized and thematic exhibitions dedicated to various aspects of the history of education with us. The Pedagogical Museum has published several works about the schooling and education in Serbia that are indispensable for every researcher of cultural and educational history of the Serbs.