Secretariat for Sport and Youth

Kraljice Marije 1/XI

Nikola Penić, Secretary, tel. 7157-440, fax: 3376-097
Nikola Rajičić, Deputy Secretary, tel. 7157-440

Visiting hours: on workdays from 9-15h.

The Secretariat for Sport and Youth is responsible for:
- encouraging and creating conditions for the promotion of sport for all, i.e. taking up different sports, especially by children, youth, women and people with disabilities, co-financing of sports competitions;
- maintenance and use of sports facilities and purchase of sports equipment and accessories, ensuring the participation of sports organisations from the City territory in the European club competitions;;
- organising and holding sports competitions and events that are of significance to the City;
- providing working conditions for sports organisations and experts within sporting organisations in the City area;
- provision of funds for financing and co-financing programmes and projects in the field of sport;
- ensuring the implementation of the training process of the Belgrade sports organisations;
- the implementation of programmes for children and young people during the winter and summer holidays, scholarships for advanced training of categorised athletes.

The Secretariat monitors activities and cooperates with associations of public interest so to work with young people, associations, youth associations and associations for youth.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the inspection activities in the field of sports with the exception of the national sports federations,  organisations dealing with vocational training in the field of sports and sports organisations that compete in professional sports leagues.

The Secretariat also performs other activities in these areas in accordance with the law, the City Statute and other regulations that Republic delegates to the City.