"Belgrade Urban Planning Bureau", PE

Urbanisticki zavod Beograda, JUP
Palmotićeva 30
tel: 3331-500, fax: 3331-550

Acting Director: Dragana Biber

Department for Development, Spatial and Urban Planning, tel: 3331-580
Department for Base lines Planning – north-west section, tel: 3331-619
Base lines Planning Department – south-east section, tel: 3331-619
Transport Department, tel: 3331-580
Community Infrastructure Department, tel: 3331-580
Focal and Documentation Department, tel: 3331-506
Department for Financial, Legal and Administrative Affairs, tel: 3331-520

The Urban Planning Bureau was founded in 1948. It became a public company by the decision of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade brought in October 1999.

The main activity of the Bureau is elaboration of statutory plans of various levels, covering: development plans for the territory of Belgrade, land servicing plans of particular parts of the town territory – base-line plans and urban designs (most often reconstruction of already built environments, stabilization and legalization, plans of special and specific purposes, development plans of transport and community infrastructure …). The major portion of work of the Bureau goes for elaboration of urban-technical requirements for construction of individual buildings, technical studies and research, urban analyses, location analyses and opinions per individual applications.

Continuously focused on professional improvement of human resources, concurrently with introducing of contemporary technology into the planning process and elaboration of planning documentation. The Bureau takes part and arranges for professional gatherings and seminars, publishes and takes part in publishing respectively of technical books and publications. The Bureau disposes of a library of over 3000 units collection (computer search).

The Urban Planning Bureau has elaborated the new Master Plan of Belgrade thru 2021 adapted by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade on September 27, 2003. The Master Plan of Belgrade sets out urban presumptions of the town economic recuperation and further versatile progress. The Plan should provide for maximum benefit from its natural location and other resources under new political and social circumstances; it should put the construction and expansion thereof under the legal frame, turn its rating among the large European cities for the better and ease the integration of our country into the community of European nations and countries. The Town Master Plan thru 2021 creates conditions for solving of priority economic and social assignments in the forthcoming several years, nevertheless offering in many a segment a vision of the town worthy of its natural resources and human potentials. The process of creation of the Plan, involving of population at large, serious assessment of general and observation of individual interests and needs – represents a guarantee of its realistic approach and, given particular material prerequisites, of its feasibility in the course of the foreseen period.