Belgrade Cultural Center

Kulturni centar Beograda
Knez Mihailova 6/I
Acting director: Aleksandar Ilić, tel: 2621-469, fax: 2623-853


It was founded in 1957, as a multidisciplinary center, which was primarily engaged in, through various forms and through different media, important topics and works of contemporary arts, literature, science and culture, but also in the cultural heritage.

Belgrade Cultural Center is located in the very center of Belgrade in the promenade closed to traffic, cultural, historical, and shopping area of Knez Mihailova Street. With its interesting architectural design and attractive location, it is suitable for organization of a wide range of programs – from exhibitions, concerts, promotions, movie shows, conferences, to street happenings. The unique complex of multi-purpose premises, of an overall area of over 2000 m2, consisting of a movie theater with a foyer (747 m2), Visual Arts Gallery (120 m2), "Belgrade Shop Window" (565 m2), "Artget" Gallery (280 m2), IPS Bookshop (340 m2), studios and depots (305 m2) and business and utility rooms (366 m2), as well as its versatile program orientation make the Center a place that is a must in touring the Belgrade cultural milieu.

Belgrade Cultural Center manages 5 programs: visual arts, musical, literary panels, movie picture and multimedia programs, through which it presents the contemporary domestic and international cultural and artistic scene, but also the cultural heritage. The current concept of its programs is based on an equal presentation of long-proved values and research projects. Thus Belgrade Cultural Center, apart from its well-established programs, traditional City events (October Salon), important City events (Guitar Art Festival, Festival of Flute Always and Everywhere, Days of Organs, Poetry in Belgrade Everyday Life), keeps initiating new programs (Young Artistic Scene, Fair of Cultural Periodicals, Child and Culture, One Author Festival) and supports alternative urban projects (Manufacture Be, Led Art Dump).

In the implementation of its programs, Belgrade Cultural Center cooperates with numerous cultural institutions and organizations both in the country and abroad.