Archeological Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Activity: humanistic sciences, archeology
Knez Mihailova 35, tel. 637-191, fax: 180-189

Astronomic Observatory
Activity: natural sciences, astronomy, astrophysics
Volgina 7, tel/fax: 241-9553

Institute of Economics
Activity: social sciences, economic sciences, consulting
Kralja Milana 16, tel. 361-3118, 361-3407, fax: 361-3467

"Nikola Tesla" Institute of Electrical Engineering
technical and technological sciences, electrical engineering, electric power industry, electrical engineering industry
Koste Glavinića 8a, tel. 369-0487, fax: 369-0823

Institute Social Sciences
Activity: social sciences, demography, sociology, political sciences, public opinion 
Kraljice Natalije 45, tel. 646-351, tel/fax: 361-8186

Institute of Economic Sciences
Activity: social sciences, economic sciences, macroeconomic policy, international political and economic relations
Zmaj Jovina 12, tel. 262-2357, fax: 181-471

"Mihajlo Pupin" Institute
Activity: natural sciences, electrical engineering, technology, piezo technology, electronics, telecommunications, artificial intelligence
Volgina 15, tel. 771-398, fax: 774-959, 277-2876

Institute for Architecture and Town Planning of Serbia
technical and technological sciences, architecture and town planning, physical planning, regional development
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, tel. 337-6182, fax: 337-0203

"Siniša Stanković" Institute for Biological Research
Activity: natural sciences, biology, ecology
Bul. despota Stefana 142, tel. 764-847, fax: 761-433

Institute of European Studies
social sciences, political sciences, economic and cultural relations
Trg Nikole Pašića 11, tel. 339-8422, fax: 323-2940

Institute of Agricultural Economics
social sciences, economic sciences, agricultural and rural development, agricultural policy
Cara Uroša 54, tel. 622-476, 344-5923, fax: 622-957, 344-5926

Institute for Plant Protection and Environment
Activity: natural sciences, plant protection, biology, entomology, toxicology
Teodora Drajzera 9, tel. 266-9860, fax: 669-860

Land Institute
Activity: natural sciences, pedology, irrigation
Teodora Drajzera 7, tel. 667-199, fax: 266-7175

Institute for Materials Testing
natural sciences, physics, geodesy, geology, quality control
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43, tel. 265-0322, fax: 369-2772

"Srbija" Institute for Research in Agriculture
Activity: bio-technical sciences, pedology, plant production, plant protection, genetics
Zeleni venac 2/III, tel. 180-509, 624-626, fax: 628-398

Institute of Literature and Arts
humanistic sciences, literary science, history, politics, comparative studies
Kralja Milana 2, tel. 3065-510, tel/fax: 2686-036,

Institute for Criminological and Social Research
social sciences, legal sciences, sociology, psychology
Gračanička 18, tel. 625-425, 625-425, fax: 635-799

"Zemun Polje" Maize Institute
biotechnology, genetics and maize selection, production of maze seed, phytopathology, entomology, agronomy, processing of maize and soya seed, seed production
Zemun, Slobodana Bajića 1, tel. 235-6713, 375-6704, fax: 375-4994

Institute for Medical Research
Activity: social sciences, medicine, hematology, immunology, pharmacology
Dr Subotića 4, tel. 684-484, 685-788, fax: 643-691

Institute of International Politics and Economy
Activity: social sciences, political sciences, economic sciences, law
Makedonska 25, tel. 3373-824, 3373-825, fax: 3373-835,

Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering
Activity: natural sciences, biology, medicine, genetics, chemistry, production of enzymes, proteins, hormones
Bulevar vojvode Stepe 444a, tel. 397-5744, fax: 397-5808

Institute of Recent History of Serbia
humanistic sciences, history (history of the Serbian people from 1918 to the present days)
Kneza Miloša 101, tel. 339-8613, 339-8941 fax: 361-5360

"Vinča" Institute of Nuclear Sciences
natural sciences, technical and technological sciences, nuclear medicine, energy
Vinča, POB 522, tel. 245-8222, fax: 344-2420

Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia
medical sciences, medicine, oncology, radiology
Pasterova 14, tel. 361-4660, fax: 685-300

Institute of Fundamental and Physical Chemistry
Activity: natural sciences, chemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, chemistry of nonmetals, colloid chemistry
Studentski trg 12, tel. 186-742, 637-569, fax: 180-329

Institute of Pedagogical Research
Activity: social sciences, pedagogy, pedagogical psychology, sociology
Dobrinjska 11/III, tel. 644-693, tel/fax: 265-8439

Institute of Political Studies
social sciences, political sciences, history of culture, post-communist transition, Balkan studies
Savski trg 7, tel. 642-042, fax: 645-490

Institute for Application of Science in Agriculture
Activity: bio-technical sciences, agronomy, applied selection measures in animal husbandry and technology in agricultural production
Bul. despota Stefana 68b, tel. 750-386, fax: 751-935

Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, Veterinary Science and Forestry INEP
Activity: natural sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, veterinary science
Zemun, Banatska 31b, tel. 619-252, fax: 618-724

Roads Institute
natural sciences, geophysics, transport, technologies of designing, construction, and maintenance of highways, roads and buildings
Kumodraška 257, tel. 466-133, fax: 466-866

"Dr Josif Pančić" Institute for the Study of Herbal Medicine
bio-technical and medical sciences, pharmacy
Tadeuša Košćuška 1, tel. 182-141

Institute of Contemporary History
Activity: humanistic sciences, history (the 20th century)
Trg Nikole Pašića 11, tel. 334-8806, fax: 339-8362

Institute of Foreign Trade
social sciences, economic sciences, international trade relations
Dečanska 8, tel. 324-7626, fax: 323-5306

Cattle Breeding Institute
Activity: bio-technical sciences, animal production, genetics, physiology, selection, reproduction
Zemun, Autoput 16, tel. 691-611, fax: 670-164

Institute for the Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials
Activity: natural sciences, technology, geology, chemistry, physical chemistry, mining, ecology
Franše D'Eperea 86, tel. 369-1584, 369-1581, fax: 369-1583

Institute of Comparative Law
Activity: social sciences, legal sciences, comparative and international law
Terazije 41, tel. 323-3213, fax: 323-3213

Institute of Physics
natural sciences, physics of plasma, lasers, solid matters and high energies
Zemun, Pregrevica 118, tel. 316-2067, fax: 316-2190

Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory
philosophy, sociology, political theory, anthropology
Kraljice Natalije 45, tel. 688-161, 361-6188, fax: 646-242

Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy
Activity: natural sciences, chemical technologies
Njegoševa 12, tel. 323-6293, 323-6293, fax: 323-5255

Institute of Hygiene and Meat Technology
Activity: natural sciences, veterinary science, testing and control of human and animal food and additives
Kaćanskog 13, tel. 650-655, fax: 651-825

Institute of Forestry
Activity: bio-technical sciences, forestry, engineering services
Kneza Višeslava 3, tel. 553-454, fax: 545-969

Historical Institute of SASA
Activity: humanistic sciences, history (from the Middle Ages to 1918)
Knez Mihailova 35, tel. 2181-589, 2638-418, fax: 2185-504,

"Kirilo Savić" Research Institute
technical and technological sciences, electrical engineering, railway mechanical engineering, civil engineering, bridge structures
Vojvode Stepe 51, tel: 2469-147, fax: 2469-514,

“Lola” Institute
Activity: natural sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, CIM, robotics, quality management, control systems
Kneza Višeslava 70a, tel. 546-423, 541-303, fax: 543-194

Mathematical Institute of SASA
Activity: natural sciences, mathematics, mechanics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence
Knez Mihailova 35, tel. 630-170, 630-485, fax: 186-105

Scientific Institute of Veterinary Science of Serbia
Activity: bio-technical sciences, veterinary science, control of foodstuffs of animal origin and medicines for application in veterinary science
Vojvode Toze 14, tel. 604-020, fax: 697-797

"Geoinstitut" Scientific and Research Institution
Activity: natural sciences, geophysics, geology
Rovinjska 12, tel. 488-9966, fax: 488-5296

PKB "INI-Agroekonomik"
Activity: bio-technical sciences, plant production, animal husbandry, veterinary science, ecology
Padinska skela, Zrenjaninski put bb, tel. 887-1175, fax: 887-1125

Mining Institute
Activity: natural sciences, geology, mining, ecology, HVAT
Zemun, Batajnički put 2, tel. 615-796, fax: 614-632

"Branislav Janković" Immunological Research Center
Activity: medical sciences, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroendocrinoimmunology, processes of autoimmunity
Vojvode Stepe 458, tel. 467-465, fax: 467-465

Institute of Transport CIP
Activity: technical and technological sciences, transport/traffic
Nemanjina 6/IV, tel. 361-8134, fax: 361-6757

Center for Multidisciplinary Studies of the University in Belgrade
Activity: natural sciences, biology, biophysics, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence
Kneza Višeslava 1, tel. 555-258, fax: 305-5289