City Administration

The City Administration performs administrative affairs in the scope of rights and responsibilities of the City of Belgrade and certain professional tasks required by the City Assembly, Mayor and City Council.

  • Sandra Pantelić, Head of the City Administration
  • Nenad Todorović, Deputy Head of the City Administration

The authorities of the City Administration include:
- Drafting of regulations and other bylaws made by the City Assembly and Mayor;
- Enforcement of the decisions and other bylaws of the City Assembly and Mayor;
- Bringing rulings in first-instance administrative proceedings on the rights and obligations of citizens, enterprises, institutions and/or other organizations within the original scope of the City’s competences, if such proceedings are not entrusted to the urban municipalities under the current Charter;
- Performance of the administrative control affairs over the implementation of regulations and other bylaws passed by the City Assembly;
- Enforcement of the legislation and other regulations, the enforcement of which is entrusted to the City;
- Carrying out of professional and/or other operations defined by the City bodies.

The internal organizational units (secretariats, services, administrations and directorates) are established as part of the City Administration with a view to performing related affairs. The management of the internal organizational units (secretaries and directors) is appointed by the Head of the City Administration further to the approval of the Mayor.

The organization and work of the City Administration is stipulated by the Decision on the City Administration, which is passed by the City Assembly further to the Mayor’s proposal. The bylaw on the internal organization and job plan of the City Administration is made by the Head of the City Administration based on the consent of the Mayor.

The Secretariats:

  • Secretariat for Finance
  • Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction
  • Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Services
  • Secretariat for Property and Legal Affairs
  • Secretariat for Transport
  • Secretariat for Environmental Protection
  • Secretariat for the Economy
  • Secretariat for Culture
  • Secretariat for Education and Children’s Welfare
  • Secretariat for Sport and Youth
  • Secretariat for Health Care
  • Secretariat for Social Welfare
  • Secretariat for Inspections
  • Secretariat for Administration
  • Secretariat for Energy
  • Secretariat for affairs objects legalization
  • Secretariat for Assembly Affairs and Regulations
  • Secretariat for Information
  • Secretariat for General Affairs
  • Secretariat for the defense, emergency situations, communications and coordination of public relations
  • Secretariat for investments
  • Secretariat for communal police

The departments and directorates of the Secretariats are established with a view to performing certain affairs from the fields of activity of the Secretariats, which due to the nature, integrity, and method of performance require independence and separate organization.

The Professional Services are:

  • City Assembly Chairman’s Office
  • Mayor’s Office

Trg Nikole Pašića 6, Switchboard: 3229-678
27. marta 43-45, Switchboard: 3227-241
Tiršova 1, Switchboard: 2688-655
Kraljice Marije 1
Makenzijeva 31, Switchboard: 2453-142