Belgrade Marathon Race


The Belgrade Marathon Race is the largest and the most mass attended sporting event in Serbia and Montenegro. It has come out of an idea of a group of enthusiasts to resume the race run as far back as 1910 from Obrenovac to Belgrade. The First Marathon Race was held on May 8, 1988, the racetrack length was 23 km, with several passing finish lines. The racetrack of the Second Marathon Race was 46.7 km long, the starting-finish line being in front of the National Assembly building.

Having believed that the marathon race event is one among the identifiabilities of large world metropolises, "Partizan", the Yugoslav Sporting Club, undertook the responsibility to arrange for the marathon race, supported by ardent understanding of the City of Belgrade and assistance of all city services, municipal services and governance bodies. In September 2003, the Assembly of the City of Belgrade brought a decision to proclaim the Belgrade Marathon as the event of special importance for the City of Belgrade.

The Belgrade Marathon is organized to suit all ages:
• the Children’s Marathon, the race for the youngest
• the Race of Pleasure, the most mass-attended race
• the Semi-marathon, arranged under all applicable world standards, intended for highly eager runners
• the Marathon, the main race of the event, intended for the most ready runners.

All events on the streets are monitored by the entire local and majority of foreign media. The in-situ reports are broadcasted by Eurosport, Sky Sport, ISPN, while the presence of large mass-media centers and the publicity given to the event extends an opportunity to the whole world to take an indirect part in the marathon race and cheer the winners and friends of the event.

The organization of the event is managed in compliance with the highest world standards, and the team of the managers has won numerous world and local recognitions for the work done. Belgrade has proven to the world its competence and readiness to enter the large family of the countries having the potentials and recourses to organize the most complex running races of the highest quality and to take its position side by side with the largest world marathon races such as the ones of New York, London, Paris, Rotterdam…