Ustanička 53, tel: 2441-071
Chairman of the Municipality: Ivana Tomić Ilić, tel: 244-31-59, 244-04-03

The Municipality of Voždovac covers an area of 14,864 hectares, which is inhabited by a population of around 167,000.

The location of the present-day Municipality of Voždovac is the place from which the leader-Vožd Karađorđe led his rebels and, in 1806, liberated Belgrade from the Turks for the first time. In memory of that event, this area was named Voždovo (The Leader’s) suburb and, some time later, it was named Voždovac. After the Second World War, the Municipality was called the 6th urban region, and in 1956, it was created through amalgamation of the then municipalities of Lekino brdo and Voždovac.

The patron day of the Municipality of Voždovac is St. Andrew, on December 13.