Mayors Office

Dragoslava Jovanovića 2, Switchboard: 3229-678

, Head of Office,

The Mayor’s Office performs expert, operative, organisational, administrative and technical tasks on behalf of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the City Council, relating to:
- direct implementation and ensuring the implementation of the policy of the executive government of the City of Belgrade;
- calling, preparing and holding meetings of the Mayor’s team, the Mayor’s committees and councils and other meetings of the Mayor and the City Council;
- preparation of materials to be decided on by the Mayor;
- preparation of work schedules for the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the City Council;
- recording and tracking the implementation of adopted legislation;
- protocol responsibilities of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, the City Council and the chairman and deputy chairman of the Assembly;
- organisational, administrative, technical and protocol tasks for the City Manager and the Chief Architect;
- public communication tasks for the Mayor, relating to informing the public of the work of the Mayor, internal communication, organising press conferences;
- international cooperation responsibilities, and other organisational, administrative and technical responsibilities;
- Mayor’s Office considers remonstrances, claims, petitions and citizens’ proposals, acts upon them and notified the citizens on the taken activities.