Secretariat for the Economy

Kraljice Marije 1/XVII

Nikola Kožović, Secretary, 7157-369, fax. 3376-102
Radenko Durković, Deputy Secretary, 7157-369

Pricing Administration, 7157-371

Agriculturе Administration, 7157-401, fax: 3376-219

Visiting hours: on workdays from 7.30- 15.30 h.

Secretariat for the Economy performs the tasks related to:
- adoption and implementation of economic development projects of the City;
- improving the general framework for economic activity and employment;
- preparation and development of a programme of measures to encourage the development of economic entities;
-encouraging the establishment of clusters, business incubators and other forms of association;
- encouraging and ensuring the development of tourism;
- categorisation of the City of Belgrade as a tourist destination;
- residence fees and monitoring revenue from residence fees;
- encouraging the development and promotion of hospitality, crafts and commerce;
- managing working hours of  hospitality, craft and commerce facilities, places where certain activities can be performed, technical and other conditions in hospitality facility, which is located in a residential building, as well as the manner of conducting commercial activities, as well as other delegated tasks related to local tourist guides and categorisation of hospitality facilities of handicrafts;
- tasks related to the use of the name of the city in company trading names and associations, giving awards and recognitions in the field of entrepreneurship and other economic sectors; - public procurement within the jurisdiction of the Secretariat.
- preparation of draft annual programme of operating, monitoring, analysing and reporting of business conditions for the public, public utility companies and institutions, as well as other matters related to prices of activities related to the utility services and other industries within the jurisdiction of the city;
-  preparation, development and adoption of the annual programme of protection, development and use of agricultural land;
-  making decisions in the first instance administrative proceedings concerning the obligation to pay the fees for change of use of arable land; commodity reserves for the City;
-  preparation and development of the programme of support measures for the implementation of the agricultural policy of the city;
- managing the water facilities for regulation of watercourses and flood protection and protection against erosion and torrents, which are public property;
- installation and removal of buildings for deposit and separation of river aggregates;
- issuing of water acts: water conditions, water approvals and water permits, keeping water books - editing and providing conditions and methods of usage for positioning the floating objects in the part of the coast and water area, including the authorisation;
- determination of the parts of the coast and water area where hydro technical facilities, wharfs on piles and wharfs  for boarding and disembarkation of passengers can be built.

The Secretariat performs supervision over the work of legal entities established in the fields of economy, agriculture and water management of the City where which it  has direct or indirect control of the capital and performs other tasks of state administration which  the Republic delegates to the City.

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