Alo taksi, 3564-555
Alfa M taksi, 9807
Aurora taksi, 3699-333
Beotaksi, 970
Beogradski taksi vozači, 9801
Beogradski poslovni taksi, 9801
Evro gold taksi, 329-1818
Žuti taksi, 9802
Joker taxi, 3970-764
Lux taxi, 303-3123
Maksis taksi, 9804
Nacionalni taksi, 3777-999
Naj company, 3960-823
NBA taksi, 3185-777
Novi plus taksi, 316-9999
CD Pepsis, 488-2200
Pink taksi, 9803
Radio taxi inbaco, 9801
Siguran taxi BG, 715-2525
Sindikat nezavisnost, 2520-025
SITAB, 060/880-10-10
Taksi Bel, 9808
Unija slobodnih sindikata, 3115-266
City taxi, 394-0022
Čukarički plavi taksi, 9805

Taxi fares:


Tariff 1

Tariff 2

Tariff 3





Price per km




Waiting per hour




Passenger is obliged to pay only the price of taxi ride according to current pricelist and in the amount displayed on the taximeter at the end of the ride. The price includes transport of passenger's personal luggage. Upon passenger's request, the taxi driver is obliged to issue a bill containing the following data:
- taxi number and name of taxi association,
- car registration number,
- date and time of ride,
- route,
- fare, and
- stamp.

If taxi driver is unable to finish the started ride within the territory of Belgrade, (due to a car defect or the like), he is entitled to charge a half of the amount displayed at the moment of ride interruption.

Passenger may decide on the admission of other passengers during the ride, with the driver's consent. If more passengers use the transport to the same place at the same time, the fare is to be paid by the passenger which started the ride first.

Taxi vehicle must have:
- maximum 5 seats,
- minimum 4 doors,
- taximeter - technically in order, adjusted, lead-sealed and visible to passenger,
- TAXI sign bearing the association's logo on the roof,
- valid pricelist placed to be visible to passenger,
- identification card with driver's photo and address placed to be visible to passenger.

Taxi driver's obligations:
- to turn on the taximeter immediately after passenger entered the vehicle, and to keep the light of the TAXI sign turned off during the ride.
- to drive along the route determined by the passenger, i.e. to use the shortest route to reach the destination.
- to accept passengers up to the number of available seats, as well as the luggage up to the available space and carrying capacity of the luggage compartment. Considered as personal luggage are travel bags and suitcases with total weight not exceeding 20 kg per passenger, i.e. 50 kg total weight, if more than one passenger are transported at the same time.
- to treat passengers with care and helpfulness.
- not to stop or park the vehicle at any place other than taxi station, especially not at railway station, bus station, airport of in front of hotels, except in cases of passengers getting in or out of the vehicle.
- to be neat during working hours (clean, with hair cut, face shaved or with orderly beard and moustache, with clean clothes).
- not to wear sweat suit, shorts, sleeveless undershirt, nor to be without shirt or undershirt, shoes, sport shoes or sandals.

The following are not allowed to be transported by taxi vehicles:
- unaccompanied children under 6 years of age, unless parent or tutor of a child agreed with taxi driver upon the transport of the child to the destination,
- drunken or drugged persons, or persons infected with contagious diseases,
- persons wearing clothes which could dirty or damage interior of the vehicle,
- human remains,
- dead animals,
- explosive, inflammable, poisonous, radioactive, contagious, corrosive and other substances which, because of their properties, can be dangerous for the safety and health of people or cause some other damage.

With driver's consent, pets may be transported by taxi vehicle.