Child Care Institutions

The network of institutions in charge of the activities in the area of social child care in Belgrade includes 17 preschool institutions (PI) founded for the territories of each City municipality and the Center of Children’s Summer and Health Resorts of the City of Belgrade.

PI "11. april" - Novi Beograd
PI "Dečji dani" - Stari grad
PI "Boško Buha" - Palilula
PI "Čika Jova Zmaj" - Voždovac
PI "Čukarica" - Čukarica
PI "Dr Simo Milošević" - Zemun
PI "Jelica Obradović" - Mladenovac
PI "Lane" - Grocka
PI "Naša radost" - Sopot
PI "Perka Vićentijević" - Obrenovac
PI "Poletarac" - Barajevo
PI "Rakila Kotarov-Vuka" - Lazarevac
PI "Rakovica" - Rakovica
PI "Savski venac" - Savski venac
PI "Surčin" – Surčin
PI "Vračar" - Vračar
PI "Zvezdara" - Zvezdara

The funds for the operation of the above institutions are provided by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, which also has the foundation rights with respect to them.

The Secretariat for Child Care is in charge of their operation.


All children are entitled to join the activities of a preschool institution in the territory of which they live.

Required documents:
- Parents’ application in writing;
- Medical certificate from a doctor pediatrician that the child is healthy and may be admitted into the preschool institution;
- Child’s birth certificate;
- Certificate of income earnings for both parents or, in case of unemployment, certificate that the person is registered with the Labor Market Bureau;
- Certificate from the Cadastre and Tax Administration of income scale of both parents.

A parent should submit the written application, to which all the above documents are attached, to the preschool institution to which the child is going to be entrusted for child minding.