Košutnjak Hill


Košutnjak Hill is a forest and a park, as well as one of the outing areas Belgraders prefer. The hill is 250 m high and covers the area of 330 hectare. The evergreen and deciduous forest is crisscrossed by many forest trails.

Košutnjak Hill (Doe Hill) owes its name to the doe that once roamed freely here. Until 1903 the dense forest was a royal hunting reserve, which was then opened to the public.

Košutnjak Hill includes two specialized facilities: "Pionirski grad" (Pioneer Town) sports and recreational center, and "Filmski grad" (Film town) with many studios, buildings and equipment for the film industry. Further down the hillside lies the "Košutnjak" sports and recreational center which includes playgrounds for soccer, athletics, volleyball, basketball and handball, as well as five open air swimming pools, and one indoor pool. Košutnjak Hill also has a ski track open the year round allowing skiing lovers to practice summer and winter alike. At the foot of the hill which was once part of the hunting grounds of the Obrenović family is the spring called "Hajdučka česma".

Košutnjak Hill also has the "Košutnjak" camping grounds, the "Trim" hotel, and the restaurants "Košuta", "Golf", "Devetka", "Filmski grad" and "Panorama".